Welcome to Freedom Within

A Community For Radical Self-Love Through Yoga, Meditation, Journaling & Much More

Are you longing for a place to share with other women?

Where you can be honest, connected, vulnerable?

Where you can come to take care of yourself?

Leave the demands of jobs, partners and families behind?

Where it's okay to be yourself, even the parts that you like to keep hidden?

Welcome to Freedom Within where you can finally make your Self a priority. 

As Glennon Doyle famously wrote in "Untamed":

"The epitome of womanhood is to lose one’s self completely. That is the end goal of every patriarchal culture. Because a very effective way to control women is to convince women to control themselves."

Here at Freedom Within we're done with that. We believe that every human is worthy of taking care of themselves and we believe in the transformative power of taking up taking care of ourselves even and especially when we live in a society that tries to tell us that we are not one of the lucky few who look like the Instagram picture of self-care.

On a surface level, Freedom Within offers on-demand yoga classes for all levels (with weekly additions), weekly live meditations for all levels, journaling prompts, monthly women's circles and workshops.

On a deeper level, Freedom Within is a warm hug for every woman who

1 no longer wants to live up to anyone else's standard

is craving community but is fed up by gossip and judgement

3 was made to believe she has to look or act a certain way to be successful

4 is fed up trying to prove her worth 

Freedom Within got its name from my own search for a better life. 

I had it all: The corporate job, the fancy apartment, the expensive trips - and I wanted nothing more than a different life. 

But because I, too, grew up believing that my worth was tied to how successful I was, how much money I made, how far up the career ladder I could climb I wasn't even able to look within to see what sort of different life I actually wanted. 

Enter quitting everything and travelling around the world and almost 12 months in I finally found the inner freedom to ask myself:

 "What do I actually want?" 

and listen to what my inner freedom had to say. 

This is the community I needed to learn my worth, to learn to take care of myself and to learn how much power was within me if I finally stopped trying to live someone else's life.

I'm here as your guide, to walk alongside on this path of wellbeing and empowerment. Because you are here to shine, to create, and to be yourself fully.

 The world needs it.

What To Expect:

Guided Practices

Meditation, breathwork, journaling and yoga designed to help you remember that place of inner freedom & self-love.


Connect with women who don't judge but love. No matter what path you choose.


Find deep connections and healing conversations in women's circles.

Saskia has a real presence about her and brings this to any group or class that she leads. It feels amazing to simply attend her sessions, and I always feel as though things have shifted when I work with her.

Roby McLean

You are here to shine. 

And we're here to help you do it.

As your guide and coach, I deeply believe in the transformative power of taking care of ourselves. A society that teaches us to put ourselves last will be changed in its fundamentals forever when we start putting ourselves first. 

Save that next pub evening and spend 19.99USD on your wellbeing and empowerment instead (simply scroll to the bottom of this page). Cancel any time.

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